The Day from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

So this blog will jump all over the place so bear with me. Things might happen and I need to get them off my chest.

Yesterday was pretty normal for the most part. Except for a few things. I have been looking forward to getting my tax refund back. It’s been delayed because the stupid government thinks it’s funny to do that to relatively poor people. But, anyway I found out that they took it all. ALL OF IT. Thanks to him. It was like kicking me in the teeth. It was an instant drop to the floor and cry for hours. What does he do? “You should have filed by yourself.” He then goes about his business playing on the PC and eating his breakfast. Who does that? WHO?

I suffer from MDD. Or for those that don’t know it is Major Depressive Disorder. I also suffer from severe anxiety. Something like that kind of news will tear me up inside and literally makes me a limp noodle. And that is how my day started.

But wait folks, there is more! I can’t leave you with just that! HA HA (sarcasm)

Talked to my BFF. I miss him. He’s so far away. It’s so damn depressing that he moved away. Since he has I literally have no one to talk to. No girls to vent to. None of them care. They are busy with their own lives. Who cares about me? Not anyone. Well I take that back. My mom does. However, she has enough issues and frankly I don’t want to talk to her about that. I want to talk to someone my age. I want to go out and have dinner with the girls and have a great time.

Anyway, the last fun thing happened (I am using dripping sarcasm again). You will find I use it liberally like butter or salt. Some pitbull came into our yard. No collar, no ID. My dogs, see this dog. Get really irritated. All of them at the door and they all hit it *the door* at the same time and they all took off. I was so pissed. Trying to get 3 dogs back home away from a pit with one leash was the biggest pain in the ass ever. I am pretty sure I had an asthma attack. My lungs were wheezing hardcore. While breathing I heard whistling. It took awhile to calm down. A chill day turned into a day from hell.

Can I catch a break?


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