The art of unplugging…

About a week ago, I decided to unplug from Facebook. For a few reasons, but basically to see how many friends saw I just disappeared. That and I was so tired of the stupid political bull shit that has been going on since November. I was so over it. People were being assholes, no one was caring about others opinions, and then others would answer someone else that wasn’t family and then would never comment on my page or his page. Sounds petty, I get it. But, it is so hurtful.

So, want to know how many people figured out I left FB? 1. Just 1. Not that I have a huge list of friends, but I have about 250 or so. Just 1. He noticed the next morning. He thought I was mad at him and blocked him. I explained at what I had done and he understood. Guess how long it took my SO? Almost a week. He never saw. He said, hey I tagged you in something. I said, uh yeah you didn’t, I deactivated my page. The first question I would have asked was why and is everything OK? His question? Are you going to come back?

If it took my SO that long to figure it out and we LIVE together. My friends SUCK. This tells me how much they know me, chat with me, or bother ever ask how I am. I feel beyond left out and it’s like I knew this was coming. It’s like God says to me, You can have a great education but everything else in your life is going to be a total shit storm.

I don’t know what to do. I need help. I need to clear my mind. I need a way to be OK with being friendless. Any ideas?


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