That guily feeling when…

So I was on a mission this morning for my SO because he wanted a specific figure we collect and it was on hold for him. After I dropped him off at that dreaded place called work I headed out to get it. I got it no problem and walked down to the place that does acrylic nails to see how much a set was. My nails were so damn jacked up it looked like a friggin alligator took a hold of them. No joke.

It was the price that was completely reasonable for the service so I went ahead. The lady did great, they weren’t talking shit in Vietnamese like most places do. I was in and out of there in less than 45 minutes. They are super quick and efficient.

And then the urge hit. I had a coupon and I needed to check it out. I am hoping upon hope that I get a call on Monday that I got the job. The owner really really liked me. But, I needed to be prepared if I get that call. I have absolutely no professional type shoes what so ever. And what I do have, is big. I just measured my foot. It went down a size. How that happens, is mind boggling. I just wanted to be prepared. But, as soon as I bought them I felt so damn guilty. I know I really don’t have extra money to buy shoes. I mean I got one hell of a deal. 4 pairs of shoes for 30 bucks (including the tax!). All shoes were on clearance and I had a coupon for an additional 30% off.

But I feel like that money is better spent on something else. Like I don’t deserve it. I am almost positive that my SO is going to be super pissed. In fact I am almost thinking about taking them back tomorrow. Just because of how bad I feel. How do I get rid of that feeling and allow myself the resources to have a little bit of fun?

Help! I’m a mom that needs some serious shoe and wardrobe help!


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