Monday…oh Monday.

It’s Monday. Another Monday. Mondays suck. It’s the beginning of a long week. You have to grind in. So much to do. It makes me exhausted. The depression makes it worse. Put on a happy face!!! Thanks, no thanks! I need to get happy. I can’t figure out how. All I want to do is sit in my bed and watch stupid reality shows all day long.

No business wants me. Me….with the two degrees. The relevant experience to back it up and no one wants me. I don’t get it. I tell them I will do anything to make sure they understand I am willing to learn everything.

Nope. It’s so frustrating and really tough to swallow. You would think you were a shoe-in for a job. At least entry-level. Nope. All people look at is degrees and the experience in the field. I have the experience in related fields. I hate even talking about it. It brings me to the point of tears because someone thinks I am not good enough to make their company succeed.



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