That guily feeling when…

So I was on a mission this morning for my SO because he wanted a specific figure we collect and it was on hold for him. After I dropped him off at that dreaded place called work I headed out to get it. I got it no problem and walked down to the place that does acrylic nails to see how much a set was. My nails were so damn jacked up it looked like a friggin alligator took a hold of them. No joke.

It was the price that was completely reasonable for the service so I went ahead. The lady did great, they weren’t talking shit in Vietnamese like most places do. I was in and out of there in less than 45 minutes. They are super quick and efficient.

And then the urge hit. I had a coupon and I needed to check it out. I am hoping upon hope that I get a call on Monday that I got the job. The owner really really liked me. But, I needed to be prepared if I get that call. I have absolutely no professional type shoes what so ever. And what I do have, is big. I just measured my foot. It went down a size. How that happens, is mind boggling. I just wanted to be prepared. But, as soon as I bought them I felt so damn guilty. I know I really don’t have extra money to buy shoes. I mean I got one hell of a deal. 4 pairs of shoes for 30 bucks (including the tax!). All shoes were on clearance and I had a coupon for an additional 30% off.

But I feel like that money is better spent on something else. Like I don’t deserve it. I am almost positive that my SO is going to be super pissed. In fact I am almost thinking about taking them back tomorrow. Just because of how bad I feel. How do I get rid of that feeling and allow myself the resources to have a little bit of fun?

Help! I’m a mom that needs some serious shoe and wardrobe help!


The Beginning

It was back in 2005, I was chatting online with a fellow friend of a hobby we both liked. He was younger, more irritating saying one thing was the best. When he had never been anywhere but the state in which he lived. He pissed me off so bad that I wouldn’t talk to him for months. He would just pop back online and chat like nothing ever happened. It would aggravate me to no end.

We would chat for years before we ever met. I never thought of him but a pest. He finally agreed to meet all of our group of friends at an event and when he got he was proven wrong about his best ideas. He had found the best in a small rural area no where close to where he predicted.

I had the greatest time that weekend. We had twenty of us hanging around, joking, laughing and having the best time. That weekend would forever change our lives.

This blog will be about my life. My rants, my opinions. I have a lot of things to say and get out of my head and this is hopefully the place to do that. I’d love the feedback and suggestions.

There maybe be daily blogs, or more than once a day. I just may surprise you. You never know. Thanks for reading.